Monday, February 24, 2014

Yee Haw!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New house: Key West Cutie

I've already posted this on Tumblr, but I'm so freakin' proud of it I wanna show it off everywhere!

Key West Cutie

It's based on these floor plans from Architectural Design:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Expansion Pack, New Sim, & New Simblr!!

So I got a new EP, Late Night. I got a good deal on Amazon; it was $14 for the download version. I didn't think I'd ever buy a download version of a sim game, but I took a chance. I must say it's nice not having to carry a disk. I like what I've seen so far (even though I haven't done much yet). I created a new sim to try out one of the new careers. Her name is Evelyn Kemp

Traits: Star Quality, Virtuoso, Friendly, Dramatic, Kleptomaniac
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Actor

I've also decided to try using tumblr to upload sim pictures. I've seen a lot of 'simblrs' & thought I'd try it. We'll see how it goes.  The url is if anyone wants to visit!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Day Like Any Other

Just some pics :)

Kai the handywoman

I love this little swing!

How in the world did Emily end up with blonde hair?! idk

Father & son, so sweet!!

Isaiah (without his new wardrobe)

I thought this was so funny! She got nauseous in the swing!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Same Game Two Days in a Row=Gasp!

So I was able to load my saved game today, so I guess there must be something wrong with that world I was using. I decided to just uninstall it; no need to have it in my downloads folder if I can't even rely on it.

 Isaiah learning to talk

 What is this stuff?

 "Nom Nom Nom!"

This was my first time seeing this. This guy started feeling bad & wished there was a doctor around. The option to give a medical exam came up when I clicked on him, so that's what Brice did. Interesting.

*Side note: I must say, playing without 3rd party custom content isn't as bad as I thought. Besides the toddlers' & children's' clothes, I hardly notice it. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen, once again The Morrisons

It seems that I'll be starting a new game every time I play, so I loaded up the Morrisons again. This time in good ol' Sunset Valley. I thought I'd try one of EA's worlds this time; maybe the world I was using isn't compatible with the new game updates or something. IDK Since my in-game screenshot-er isn't working, I had to kick it old school & use system screenshots. So here it is, complete with red lines & pause symbols.

"Nice to meet ya!" 

 I heard chimes!

 "uhhhh I feel sick"

 Aww the baby bump

 the baby glow

 They're so cute :)

 The baby's coming!

" Ahhhhh!!!!"

 Brice: "What am I suppose to do?!"


 Off to the hospital

 Meet baby Isaiah!

 *unintelligible baby talk*

*more baby talk*

I REALLY hope my game is still there & playable the next time I load up :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Maybe Third Time's the Charm?

My screenshots still aren't working either. I took 3 screenshots in-game & none of them saved to the screenshots folder. I had to resort to a system screenshot.