Thursday, December 31, 2009

WA-My sim's first visit to China

bicycle ride through the city

shopping at the local bookstore

She gets her first adventure assignment from Bao Louie, who later becomes a new friend :)

off to find the ancient relic

which way again?

an ancient temple

the keystone unlocks the door!

what better way to build your athletic skill than buy moving ancient statues?

uncovering a floor stone; also an athletic skill builder

found the relic & some other cool stuff

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

World Adventures

Okay I finally gave in & bought World Adventures right before Christmas. I got it, in part, because Amazon had it for only $25. Anyway, it finally got here today and I immediately sent my simself to Egypt :)

Arriving in Egypt. First thing on her agenda? Read a book. lol

Um, do you have the ingredients for Goopy Carbanara?

 I love the scooters!! I wish they could bring them home.

All the comforts of home--only outside


Learning to sing! I think this is a cool interaction.

Learning another song [right before she asked him for info ;)]

So far, I'm really liking WA. I've only been on one trip but I'm really liking the new interactions & the sites. I've yet to try one of the main features I'm most excited about-the Photography skill, but I hope to dabble with that on my next trip. I'm off to have more adventures!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some random shots from my game; my current games

I decided to upload a few random shots from my game :)
First up is the first house I built for Sims 3.

It's a simple beach house.

I used an open layout for the living room, kitchen, and dining areas. In addition to those rooms, there are 3 bedrooms and a study. The layout came from a floor plan I found online.

This is Dana Cobbs. My first and only evil sim. I didn't play her long enough to use the 'Take candy from baby' interaction lol. She's long since been deleted from Riverview, but she's sitting safe in my Sim Bin :)

One of my in-game born sims married this Chance girl; can't remember her name right now. I think it may be Megan? Anyway I love the expression expectant sims get when they're in labor! I've deleted this saved game as well, but I still have a few screenshots.

I had my first set of triplets with the Bjovis-Annabelle & Etienne. This is one of them as a toddler; don't remember which one this is, but their names all started with A's. This family's gone too. Casualties of a problem with patch 1.7. Their save was glitched-blue lots & such. I still have them in my Sim Bin though ;)

Annabelle Bjovi with either one of the triplets or her other daughter, Maria.

I've started over several times (completely deleted saved games) since I first got the game in June; currently all four save slots are full. Here are the games I'm playing:

1.Poverty Challenge- I started this challenge a few months ago and have played it off & on. I've had no luck with it though. My founder, Ember Giles (for whom I have a great back story lol) is now an Elder & I'm not even close to my goal (a home with a net worth of 20,000 simoleons). I can't remember where I got the rules I was using, but I recently saw a different set of rules I might try; they seemed easier than the other ones. I'm not doing the challenge anymore, but I'm still playing Ember. Recently, I created a companion for her & moved him in ;)

2.The McPhersons-Kacyn & Evan. I can't remember anything they're doing right now, but I do remember they just had a baby girl, Jocelyn. I also remember (well I saw it in the screenshot) that Kacyn's lifetime wish is to be a culinary librarian. I only have a couple of screenshots of them because I haven't really played them a lot yet.

I remember I took this because I liked the moodlet for 'Attractive'. This was my first time seeing it.

3.My simself- I created a new simself the other day & started playing her. Her lifetime wish is to reach the top of the journalism career. You'd think that I would remember a lot more about her than I do my other sims. Heh. Favs: fruit parfait, classical, purple. Can't remember anything else right now :))
simself #2. I like her way better than the first one

4.Walnut Cove- I downloaded a new world the other day (after I finally got the courage to patch my game). I was wandering around on the forums and saw a post from a member there who had just finished creating a new world and she had pics of what it looked like, the number of lots, and other info. She had a link up for others to download it. So I did. I really like it-the layout is great & she did a good job on the landscaping and everything. You can find out more about it here. Thanks ricslady99! I've decided to let my sims have more freewill in this new town. I got the idea from a sims 3 blog, 'Our Freewilling Sims'. Go check it out! The first time I visited I didn't leave until I had read every post!! Basically, she started a new town in Riverview, put in some sims that she & some of her friends had created, then let them go. It's a very interesting read!

I guess that's enough for now!

Really Good Article from Sims3Cri

So I was casually browsing one of the Sims 3 sites I frequent, Sims3Cri, when I stumbled upon a really good article they'd written, "World Adventures, lags, bugs, and custom content" It has a lot of good tips and explanations. I was especially interested in their explanation of .package files and how they affect your game. I was totally unaware that the resource.cfg file changes the behavior of your game and forces it to do something that it wouldn't otherwise do--made me swear off anymore .package files [unless, of course, I can't do without them :)]. You should check it out! While you're there, check out their downloads too; they're awesome! Here's the link:

Friday, December 25, 2009

A New Start...well, a Start ;)

I've once again decided to try & create a sims blog. I preordered Sims 3 & got it on release day. I didn't get to start playing though until a little while later (silly me; didn't notice that I needed Leopard to play!). Mainly I'll be posting pics of the games I'm currently playing. I want to offer the houses & sims I create for people to download, so as soon as I figure that out I'll post links for anyone interested. I also bought World Adventures the other day so I'll be talking about that as well. I guess that's all for now!!