Monday, December 27, 2010

I can't think of a catchy title...

I loaded up my game for a little while Saturday and checked in on the Simmons. I only played for a little while, because my optical drive was making an awful noise. I had my laptop checked a couple weeks ago because it's been making noise for a long time now & I just haven't looked into it since it was still working fine. Turns out it's my optical drive & it needs to be replaced. I took it in for repair this week but the drive they had was DOA, so I'm waiting for them to get a new one. I might not play until then because the noise has gotten worse since they opened up my computer. Don't wanna take any chances!!

Now for the update:

First off, Kadence is now a teenager. She had aged up last time I played, but I hadn't taken any pictures of her.

Teenage Kadence in her EA-issued outfit. Really EA? Really? On another note, do you see how skinny this girl is? I think she's as skinny as a sim can get!

My first order of business was to give Kadence new clothes. No sim deserves to look that tacky!

Why didn't anyone tell me it's so much fun to detonate stuff?! Kimber needed new scrap & there was none in the scrap piles, so I had her detonate some stuff.

 She blew up a chair...

 and this globe.

 So much fun!

  I made Star quit her job in the music career, so she's unemployed now & has time to cook wonderful meals for her family & clean house (because it's obvious the maids don't know how). I gave her a new dress so she'd be more comfy :)

I completely forgot to mention this invention gnome last time. Kimber discovered it while using her inventing table. I hadn't noticed that he was no longer on the desk in Kimber's room, until I just happened to look in the bathroom. He must be fascinated by the clean toilet!

 Can't a girl get a tattoo without seeing someone die? Kimber was all set to get inked when the stylist died. Of course everyone had to come out of the salon, including Kimber & the tattoo artist, & witness the death & chat with Grimmy.

 This is the first time I've had a sim get a tattoo, but I kinda knew what to expect after seeing stuff online. However I didn't realize she'd have to be half nakie to get her arm tattoed!! 

 Kaylynn's doing well with her painting. She even accepted & fulfilled an opportunity to decorate the Bistro in town. If I'm not mistaken, she's level 8 now.

This was so funny I had to include it. Apparently, when Mr. Gnome isn't spending his time gawking at clean toilets, he enjoys a game of Sim Gnubb.

SIDE NOTE: Am I the only one who enjoys keeping my sims looking 'cartoony'? I visit a lot of sim sites & I see so many people who make their sims more realistic-looking. Don't get me wrong, to each his/her own, but I like that my sims look like cartoon pixel people :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach House Added to Downloads page

I added my Beach House lot to the downloads page. This is the first house I built in the Sims 3 :) If you find any problems with it, please let me know as I haven't used it in a while & can't remember if there was anything that needed to be changed in the uploaded version.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Grown Up

I played the Simmons yesterday & got caught up to where I was before the crash.

 Rick leaving for work. He got promoted to level 9 of the military career

Kadence kept rolling wants to play a game with her dad, so I sent them outside to play that stupid gnubb game. She wasn't very good :)

Star & her guitar. 

 This maid sucks. Do not hire her!

 Kaylynn cleaning what the stupid maid SHOULD have cleaned

 The twins aged to young adult! Here's Kimber in her new clothes!

 and here's Kaylynn.

 I had to include a shot of Kaylynn's dress. I LOVE it!

 The girls have been working on building their skills. Currently, Kaylynn is focusing on painting...

  and Kimber's focusing on inventing.

 Soon after the twins had their birthdays, Rick rolled a want to have another baby. Sorry no can do bud!

That's all for now. I'll be sure to update on traits, job statuses, & skills next time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Simmons

Not much of an update for the Simmons I'm afraid. I played for a while, but didn't take many screenshots.

First some old screenies I forgot about.

 I love Kadence's face in this one!

Before I stopped playing, I had redecorated Kaylynn's & Kimber's rooms. I'll get a shot of Kimber's next time around.

I did play the Simmons house for quite a while today, but most of my progress was lost because my game crashed. First time it's done that since the game first came out! I was kinda sad after that, so that's when I stopped playing. 

I hadn't taken many screenshots, but I'm pretty sure I had saved after I got Star's new guitar. I switched her to the music career. 

The other few shots I had were of the twins aging to adult. I was working on changing Kaylynn's outfits when the game crashed :(

Next time I play I'll start with the Simmons & hopefully get back to where I was before the game crashed.

Hiatus over...I guess

I played a little today.

I played Elphaba's game first so I'll post about that first.

Last time I played, I had gotten her a job in the Education career.

At first glance, Elphaba seems like a nice girl.

She even chatted & gossiped a while with this lady in the park.

But of course that didn't last long. She insulted her after only a few minutes of conversation. How rude Elphie!

Making mac & cheese

Elphaba's little house.

Elphie's first day of school.

I decided to try out the inventing skill. I even had her register as a self-employed inventor & everything before I realized that I wasn't in the Ambitions hood & therefore there were no consignment shops or junkyards. So next time I play, I'll be moving Elphaba to Melanie's game...maybe. Or I might actually not be lazy & add more lots to Simville. We'll see.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

On Hiatus until further notice

Hello all,

So as I've mentioned before I haven't been playing the Sims for a while now. Instead of keeping people waiting for updates, I've decided to just put my blogs on hiatus until further notice. That way I won't feel pressure to update when I don't have anything. If I start start simming again, I'll be sure to update :) I'll probably still leave comments on your updates though.

See ya when I see ya!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long Time, No See!!

Hello all!

I know. I know. It's a been a while!!
Updates: none
Excuses: ummm....I'm playing Animal Crossing on the DSi a lot lately?

I haven't been simming lately at all. Actually, I haven't touched my game in over a month. So it's not that I just haven't been updating my blog; I haven't been playing at all. I've been spending all my time playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on my Dsi ;)

I'm gonna get some of the dust off today & catch up with some of my sims & see what they're up to.

I also added a link to Elphaba on the Downloads page

Well, hopefully it won't be a month before I update the blog!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Sim; A New Town

I finally got around to creating a sim that I've wanted to create for a long time. It's my version of Elphaba from Wicked!

Traits: Eccentric, Genius, Grumpy, Hydrophobic, Mean-spirited
Favorites: Sushi, Roots, Black
LTW: Create 3 monsters

Unfortunately for those who don't use third-party CC, she uses a custom skin slider & CC hair & outfits. But if you'd still like to download her & give her new skin & clothes, I'd be happy to upload her!

She's living in a new town, Simville, which I downloaded from CTNutmegger. It's a remake of TS1's Unleashed 'hood. I haven't really played it yet, but it looks cool. I thought I had taken a screenshot of it, but I didn't. I'll try to remember to upload one next time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Melanie's Back!

Swept the dust off my Sims 3 today! Played Twinbrook for a few (AKA several) hours.

Dilly Pidgin got a promotion (or so she says) & wanted a new wardrobe.

Dilly Before

Everyday outfits

One of the athletic outfits

One of 2 formal outfits

Another successful makeover

Melanie got a new drafting table. Despite the fact that she hates art, she's sketched 3 designs so far & reached level 4 painting skill.

Mel's little studio (located in the corner of her very small living room).

Gala Bailey needed new formalwear.

Mel chose green for her.

Well do you like it or not? I can't tell by that look on your face.

Oh that's what you were about to do. Then I guess she did like it.

Marc Brandt was another victim of 'womanly eyes' so he got new facial hair.

I had never seen Parker Prudence up close before. He is one weird-looking dude.

One morning Mel woke up not feeling too good.

Uh-oh! I guess that pity date with old man Wei Keane went a little further than you planned eh Mel?

Ta Da! the baby bump! I think prego sims are so cute :)

Baby bump pic #2

Before she knew it, it was baby time.

"Dang you, Wei Keane & your pitiful old man sob story!!!!"

Meet Selena Ferguson!
Traits: Brave, Perceptive
I hadn't planned to let Mel have a baby, but when old man Wei Keane came over for a visit, I couldn't help hitting that button!!

Also, Mel's reached level 8 in her career.
 Random Funny Pic #1