Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Kai had a Baby!!

During her visit to China, Kai met a guy! Well, she met a lot of people, but I decided it was time she had a kid soooo...

 After returning home, she invited Bo over for a visit. (I forget his whole name; I think it's Bo Sum Ping or something like that).

They quickly became more than friends.

Soon, Kai found out she was pregnant.

"OMG what did I do?! I'm almost an elder & I'm about to have a baby!"

Meet Starkenya! (Star for short)

Star as a toddler. I love her green eyes!!

 Mother & daughter

Had to have at least one 'toddler in toybox' shot!

Learning to walk

So I mostly had Kai have a baby by a guy from China (as opposed to one from Egypt or Paris) so I could see the kid eat with chopsticks. If you haven't noticed, she's sort of my guinea pig for WA.