Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sharing Sims-Part 2 & new self sim

New sim to download. She was suppose to be in the first group but I didn't have a screenshot to upload :) She's pretty much my self-sim with new clothes & hair.

Kai Mason
absent-minded, artistic, bookworm, computer whiz, flirty
favs: fruit parfait, classical, purple
lifetime wish: star news anchor

**Please visit Downloads page for link**

I created yet another self sim--Kapreasha v.3 I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes & have blurred vision as a result so my new self-sim has cute purple glasses. I also changed her clothes & tweaked her facial features just a bit. She also got new hair, traits, favorites & lifetime wish. I think she more closely reflects me now in terms of personality.

bookworm, childish, computer whiz, excitable, natural cook
favs: stir fry, classical, purple
lifetime wish: celebrated five-star chef

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sharing Sims!

Ok so I'm a little frustrated that I can't just upload my sims to the exchange. I made everything base game, so none of them should have any surprises. (It was really hard not to use CC!) Not sure how Star will act in everyone's game since her father is a Chinese sim. I did redo her traits & change her hair since they were WA, so we'll see!

I might upload some more sims too. Enjoy!

Nakia Reeves:
easily impressed, frugal, great kisser, grumpy, virtuoso
favs: peanut butter & jelly, pop, lilac
lifetime wish: hit movie composer

Starkenya Mason:
ambitious, artistic, easily impressed, frugal, good
favs: cookies, classical, purple
lifetime wish: CEO of a mega corporation

Kacyn McPherson:
ambitious, brave, clumsy, flirty, natural cook
favs: sushi, classical, brown
lfietime wish: celebrated five-star chef

**Please visit Downloads page for links**

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Updated pics of Star, Found Sims, & a New World!

Quite a few things to report today!

Somehow I missed getting pics of Star as a child. I only have 2 & neither show her face :( but here she is eating with chopsticks!

She's a teen now & a very cute one even if I do say so myself :)

Star might also have a love interest. His name's Jon Melton or something like that. They seemed to hit it off pretty well.

Edit: Teen-aged Star is up at the exchange. Here's the link:

*Sigh* unfortunately I also have some very sad news to report. Little Kai died :( She lived a long adventurous life but I'm sad to see her go. She was 90 days old. I have her sitting in my sim bin, but there's no substitute for the original.

Here she is getting ready to eat her favorite dish---fruit parfait

In other news, I finally found 2 missing sims that have been in limbo for quite some time and of course I can't remember their names! One guy who's last name is Rickman married one of my triplets. They had a child who was living with the dad. They were nowhere to be found in the neighborhood, but I knew they were around somewhere because she could invite him over. Sooo, he finally showed up in a house & I promptly merged the two households before he had a chance to get away. It's kinda sad cause the mom has missed both the baby & toddler stages of her son's life.

He's a cutie ;) & of course I can't remember his name. I think it might be Kristopher

The other sim, Sheri something or other, was married to the triplets brother. The child ended up with him, but I couldn't find her anywhere. Well, she never showed up in a house, but I had finally invited her over & was well on my way to getting her moved in when she DIED! That's right. They were going to woohoo & before they could go to bed, she died. Kinda funny but also frustrating. I don't have a screenshot of that though. I was too mad to take one I guess.

Downloaded a new world--Greenwood Village. It's a small 'efficiency' world. I've been experiencing a lot of lag in one of the two games I'm playing, which is super annoying. So I was interested in the 'efficiency' part. I've found a couple of new worlds, but nothing I love. This one might be 'The One' lol. So far I've only moved in one sim, Kenia Ryan. (She was getting bored sitting in my sim bin).

Kenia seems to like her new digs. This is actually an old screenshot though. I've moved her into a new house.

I thought I had taken a couple of screenshots of the neighborhood, but I guess not. I'll probably upload some later when I get all my sims moved in & organize everything the way I want.