Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Much to Report...

First stop, the Hensons--Keri Kuehne Henson, Leonard Henson & their son, Randall.

 Randall's a toddler now & a cute one at that. As you can see, I haven't given him new clothes yet.

He's learning to walk; not quite there yet though.

For whatever reason, they had decided to move while I was away. So I had to spend quite some time re-decorating yet another house.

living room

dining room and kitchen


master bedroom

Randall's room

 No screenshots for the other 2 houses I visited :) I was gonna wait until I had more screenshots before I updated, but decided to go ahead and upload what I had.

Our Sims-House 1:
Macy has reached level 3 in the science field.
Hugo has reached level 3 in the miliary field.
Mindi is at level 1 in law enforcement.

Our Sims-House 2:
Misty was elected town loon.
Phillip is the new town casanova.
Nakia is the town flirt and is in a relationship with Blake Frazier (who is in desperate need of a new hairdo; pics later).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meteor City-Update #1

Welcome Mindi Montreal to our town! I moved her in with Keri, Hugo, & Macy.

I forgot to mention the Masons last time so I went to visit them. They had jobs when I got there, but not in the fields they needed to be in, so I got Kai a job in the culinary career & Nick one in the medical career.

They're still in the original house I built for them. Of course they don't have any kids this time around, but I left the baby room there hoping they'd take the hint. Nothing yet though.

I redid a few of the rooms. Here's the new living room.

I also added a laundry room. Accessories are from Around the Sims 3

Meanwhile, across town...
Keri's married & expecting. However, she was still living with her roommates. She had the nautious moodlet when I got to their house. Then this happened. Who's her husband, you're wondering?

I was surprised to learn that her husband is Leonard Henson. They're both in the athletic career, so I guess they might have met at work.

I love the baby belly interactions. By the time I ended my rounds, they'd had their baby. I haven't been back to their house yet, but I think they had a girl.

I must confess that I spent A LOT of sim hours trying to get Keri to move in with Leonard. It took me a while to realize that since they were already married, the "move in" interaction probably wasn't going to show up. Silly me. So finally I just moved Keri out into her own house & then merged her with Leonard's household.

What are our other sims up to? Nothing much.

 Phillip's at level 5 of the business career, while Nakia is still at level 1. Wilson's at level 1 of the music career, and Misty's at level 1 of the criminal career.

Misty seems to be enjoying her art studio.

I visited Dana too, but didn't take any screenshots. She's at level 2 of the criminal career now. Garland Rickman has grown into a toddler.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meteor City-Take 2

I've been a busy bee today! First of all, I deleted all my custom content--sims, worlds, hair, everything. Then I re-downloaded only content I knew I would use & only content from a few sites. I also downloaded pictures for each item and gave the same name to both the picture & file. As you can imagine this took hours, but I'm glad I did it. Now I know exactly what's in my game & it all shows up in the launcher under 'installed content.' I re-downloaded Greenwood Village, Meteor City, Riverview, and Walnut Cove. I also downloaded a new world, Oasis Island, but I haven't tried it yet. My previous Meteor City game was deleted, but I still have Star's save.

Sims I downloaded:
Chrysame: Hugo Hawke & Macy Monroe

Dee: Wilson Whirter & Keri Kuehne

PiB: Mindi Montreal & Phillip Grant

I added everyone to a new game along with some of my sims. For some reason, I couldn't find Mindi while I was in CAS so she's not in there yet.

The following sims now reside in Meteor City:

1. Dana Cobbs

2. Leonard Henson

3. The Rickmans--Charlie (elder) & Alaina (adult) & their sons Kristofer & Garland
    Charlie & Alaina were created by me; Kristofer & Garland were born in-game

4. The Masons--Kai & Nick

5. Keri Keuhne, Macy Monroe, & Hugo Hawke

6. Nakia Reeves, Misty Cole, Phillip Grant, & Wilson Whirter

I got everyone jobs in the careers that matched their lifetime wish where applicable. Otherwise they got a random job.

And now, some shots from the game:

Dana joined the criminal career. Her lifetime wish is to be the emperor of evil. After signing up at the warehouse, her first stop was the gym.

This is Leonard. He was sitting on his cozy couch when I came in.

When I went to visit the Rickmans, I found Alaina at Dana's house. I wondered why she would be there, but then I looked in her friend panel & found out they're accomplices.

Keri, Macy, & Hugo sitting down to some waffles before I sent them out to get/switch jobs.

This is Misty. She's one of the preset sims in CAS; I just changed her hair & some of her clothes.

I decided to build Misty a small studio for her painting. Custom artist objects are from Around the Sims 3

Nakia, Misty, Phillip, & Wilson live in one of my houses. I plan to redecorate soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old/New Sim-Dana Cobbs!!

Here's a new sim to download (if anyone's interested). She's one of the first ones I created, so there's no custom content. I didn't play her much after I made her, but she's making a comeback possibly in Meteor City :) It's been so long since I had her in game I don't remember her traits or favs, but I do know she's evil. I think her lifetime wish is to be a criminal mastermind. She was on the exchange at one point, but she's been culled :(

**Please visit Downloads page for link**

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Star & Ghost Kai Update

What's Star Been Up To?
When we last saw Star....

She had just aged to teen & had a possible love interest, Jon Melton. Well it turns out Jon was a few days from being an elder sooo that didn't work out. No worries though, I have my eye on someone for her. Now if she'll just cooperate...

 Star is a young adult now.

To celebrate her birthday, she traveled to Shang Sim La, China where she discovered she loves martial arts.

 She had her first sparring match. She didn't win, but she told me she had fun anyway.

 Alas, with young adulthood comes responsibilities. After returning from China, Star expressed an interest in the Political career (of all things). So off to city hall she went to join the gritty world of politics. This is her boss Brooks Hannah.

Star enjoys a few hobbies in her spare time. One of her favorites is fishing. She caught about 4 fish on this fishing trip if I'm remembering right. She also caught...

this weird box. And guess what was in it.

 a Mysterious Mr. Gnome, of course! He's enjoying protecting the garden...for now.

Gardening is another one of Star's favorite pastimes. She's still developing her skill, but she has a few grape plants, a couple of tomatoes, and 3 apple trees.

Ghost Kai:Playing a Playable Ghost

As you can see in the above picture (& in previous posts), I had Star resurrect Kai into a playable ghost. I had never had one in my game & wanted to see what it was like. I found out quite a few things about ghost sims that I guess I never noticed before. (I haven't had many sims die; I usually don't play them long enough.)

Ghosts cook,


sleep, (& nap but I didn't get a pic of that)

 and they even use the computer.

You know what else I found out about ghosts? They have this ghostly voices background that is constant. After playing for a while it got super annoying.

While I was poking around in Ghost Kai's inventory, I found her gravestone. It had the option to 'return to netherworld.' I was pretty much done playing her at this point so...

I pressed a button and...

away she went. Back to her urn.

I'm not gonna miss her because Ghost Kai was nowhere near as much fun as the real Kai. Maybe if I had a young adult or adult ghost who could have a baby with a living sim, I might create a playable ghost again. Otherwise, I probably won't create anymore.

Ok so I know this update is already pretty long, but I have one more thing...

Updating Home Interiors & Cleaning House
I tried updating Kai & Star's home with the techniques mentioned in ruthless_kk's interior decorating tutorial. I don't really like my results so I might try again another day, possibly tomorrow.

I also deleted a couple of my games. I had all four slots full. My goal is to get down to one game & just play different sims in that one neighborhood. The two games I have left are Star in Sunset Valley and The Masons in Meteor City. I deleted my oldest game, which was Walnut Cove, my original freewill hood. It was kinda glitchy and slow so good riddance. Walnut Cove is a beautiful world so I might return to it someday. I might possibly move all my sims there. Who knows.

I also deleted some of my custom content. I'm trying to clear out anything I can't identify, or where I don't know the creator, or that I don't use. It's a harder process than I thought it would be because the majority of the CC isn't even listed as being installed. Maybe because the original file was deleted? IDK. What I can't understand is why is there a delete button on the preview of content in game that isn't even accessible? Hopefully I'll figure it all out!

I'll update on the Masons tomorrow.

Have Trouble Decorating Interiors?

Do you have trouble decorating the interiors of your Sims houses? I know I do. {Exteriors as well lol}. I always end up with a house that looks mismatchy {with one exception, my beach house}. If you have the same decorating problems I do, or even if you don't, you might be interested in this helpful tutorial by ruthless_kk on decorating interiors--Design 101: Colors and Patterns. I know some of you have been having trouble with The Sims 3 site, as have I, but hopefully this link works when you need it to! I plan to put her advice to use the next time I play by redecorating my existing Sims' homes. I'll upload my results later today :)

Also, in the tutorial she mentions using a color wheel to choose color schemes for your homes. After a quick Google search, I found a site I really like. Maybe it'll be of use to you as well. Color Scheme Designer 3 is pretty simple to use.

You can choose mono, compliment, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic schemes. {Until I used this site, I had no idea what some of these words meant ;)} Then choose the colors you'd like to include from a color wheel. You can also adjust the saturation/brightness and contrast and view a color list which shows the hex numbers (makes for easy Create-a-Style use). There's other stuff on the site as well, but I haven't explored any of it yet.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Newest Sim-McKensie Grey

Meet McKensie Grey!

Traits: over-emotional, good sense of humor, neat, hopeless romantic, athletic
Favs: pop, fruit parfait, pink
Lifetime wish: become master theif

A couple in-game pics:

McKensie's home; you may recognize it--it's the house I built for the Masons :)

McKensie includes some custom content & EA store items, which are listed below:

hair: EA store (curls on the side; courtesy of Dee :8)
Everyday: top-EA store; skirt-EA, base game; boots-EA, base game
Formal: dress-Liana Sims 3; shoes-Lili Sims
Sleepwear: Lili Sims
Athletic: top-All About Style; bottom: EA, base game; shoes-Lorandia Sims
Swimwear: Liana Sims 3
Eyebrows are from MTS; don't remember who created them.

I've been creating sims with a lot of the same traits lately. There are quite a few that I've never used yet also. So this time around I decided to use some different ones. I like how she turned out.

**Please visit the Downloads page for link**

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meteor City

I recently downloaded yet another world to my game, Meteor City. It's a small world with tons of small empty residential lots.

I'm currently playing the Mason family. So far, the only problem I've had is with the fishing spot at the waterfall. Every time I tried to get Nick to fish the command would disappear. Other than that, everything's been fine.

 The Mason residence

I moved in a few sims into some of the lots:
 Hugo Hawke by Chrysame
 Keri Kuehne by Dee
 Mindi Montreal & Tate Tremain by PiB
 Nakia Reeves by me

Some of them have since moved in together and/or had kids. If I'm not mistaken, Hugo Hawke and Mindi Montreal have moved in together. I saw from Edit Town view that Nakia has a baby; don't know who the dad is yet. I was too engrossed with the Masons to switch households to check.