Friday, April 30, 2010

New Sim on the Exchange

I uploaded a new sim to the exchange. No CC or store content (at least I don't think I included store content). His name's Rick :)

Just noticed I didn't include a download link :)

**There's also a link on the Downloads page**

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Surrounded by Kids!

New marriages and many births/age ups this time around!

Phillip settled down with Camille Avalos

She got a little makeover, of course :)

When I arrived, Camille was already pregnant.

She announced the pregnancy to Phillip; he was excited!

Meet Kenya Avalos-Grant! She had aged up to toddler by the time I finished my rounds today.

Dana & Garland welcome a new baby girl

Meet Brooke Cobbs-Cummings

The Fraziers have a new baby girl as well

Meet Krista Cole-Frazier!

Ray aged up to child.

I visited the Hensons yesterday & today. I decided to combine the few pics I took on both days. 
First cute mommy/baby pics:

& finally, Randall aged up to teen.

The Masons FINALLY had a baby!

Meet Maritza Mason! (I hate her name by the way. The game chose it. I'm probably going to change it).

Maritza learning to walk.

Maritza learning to walk again :)


I can't remember if I included a pic of Bradley as a toddler, so here he is.

Meet his sister, Sharon Merchant-Hawke.


Andria aged up to child.

I bought her some toys and a new bed.


When I checked on Nakia, she had TWO romantic interests & no boyfriend, so I helped her out a little. But before she could get together with her new beau, he up and died. He had just aged to elder earlier that day, so I don't understand why he died so quickly.

Rest in love, Vaughn Gresham.

Nakia was really torn up.

She painted to relieve some of the heartache.

This little bundle of joy also helped ease some of the pain. Meet Jackson Reeves, son of Nakia & the late Vaughn Gresham.

Not much going on at the Rickman house.

Garland aged to teen.

Kristofer aged to young adult.

I got him a job in the music career.

That's it for now! I decided to follow the Mason family for now. I'll still update occasionally on everybody else in town too.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meteor City-Beginnings & Endings

Back to Meteor City! I visited quite a few households this time. Babies were born and we've had one death.


When I arrived, the very pregnant Courtney was relaxing in front of the TV.

You know how a while back, I told y'all how Macy & Hugo were sleeping in the same bed? Well, despite Hugo being a married man, they're STILL sleeping in the same bed.

Meanwhile, Courtney sleeps alone in one of the upstairs bedrooms. What is this? I'm sure I don't know. Macy only shows up as a friend on Hugo's people tab though.

For whatever reason, Hugo seems to think that once I leave he can slack on his athletic skill-building. Sooo I had to put him on the treadmill.

Courtney went into labor in the middle of Hugo's workout.

After a mini-freak out, he finally took Courtney to the hospital.

Meet Bradley Merchant-Hawke! His traits are Brave & Genius.

After they got home, Courtney promptly placed Bradley on the floor. I'm not gonna say they're bad parents; I'm just gonna chock it up to me not buying them a crib. They don't have any excuses now though. I bought little Bradley a crib, so I should never see him on the floor when I visit.

I gave Courtney a little make over too. I didn't like that hair on her, and her skin was so..blah. I think she looks better now.


While Courtney & Hugo were leaving the hospital, I saw Misty & Keri coming in. (I don't know why Keri ended up bringing Misty to the hospital)

Meet Ray Cole-Frazier

When I came to take a picture of little Ray as a toddler, Misty was headed to the bathroom with him. Why she wanted to sit on the toilet I have no clue. It's not like she didn't have chairs AND a sofa to sit on.

Ray as a toddler


Randall aged up to child. Brave, Disciplined, Heavy Sleeper

I gave him some new clothes.

I hit a couple of buttons while I was visiting and that led Nathanael!


Alaina aged to elder

Family time. I think Garland's telling Alaina he wants something better than the canned soup he was eating.

Homework time. Kristofer's not a huge fan of school. He told me he can't wait until he graduates in a few days.

Garland's birthday

He aged to a pretty good-looking teen

I helped him out a little. Those eyebrows were hideous and I didn't want him and his brother to have the same hairstyle.

Charlie finally died. He was 92 days old (I think). As soon as she finished crying, Alaina rolled a want to meet someone new. Shame on her.


Dana got married to Garland Cummings and they had a little boy named Rashad.

I think he's pretty cute :) He aged up with blond hair, so I changed that to something that suited him better.

I had kind of gotten tired of playing this game. I think it was mostly because I was switching households so much and trying to keep track of everyone even if I wasn't at their house. This time around, I only wrote about the pictures I took when I was actually at a family's house. That resulted in a lot less work. I'm still not sure if I'm going to continue doing my updates this way, or if I'm going to just follow a single family at a time. I'll think it over :)