Saturday, July 17, 2010

Progress is Good

Melanie has been progressing nicely.

She did a makeover for Newton Baker. Apparently, he has 'very womanly eyes.'
I literally lol'ed when I read this!

I think he liked his makeover.

Melanie aged to adult in front of the bookstore with only a few onlookers to cheer her on. I really did mean to throw her a birthday party. Honest.

Jade Greenwood was on Melanie's list of jobs too.

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

New hair. She chose that precise moment to close her eyes lol.

Eva Drudge just needed some new makeup. Easy enough to take care of.

Dudley Racket needed a new accessory. I think I gave him a new ring.
He later came back for a new everyday look, but since he had gotten a makeover within the last 24 hours, he didn't pay. I think he planned that.

Melanie got promoted to 'Haute Hot Shot'!!

She's an incredible fashion expert, but when it comes to cooking, Melanie's advice is not to be trusted. She was SO sure she had perfected her pancakes recipe. But as you can see, she hasn't.

At least she's having more luck in her love life...