Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Sim; A New Town

I finally got around to creating a sim that I've wanted to create for a long time. It's my version of Elphaba from Wicked!

Traits: Eccentric, Genius, Grumpy, Hydrophobic, Mean-spirited
Favorites: Sushi, Roots, Black
LTW: Create 3 monsters

Unfortunately for those who don't use third-party CC, she uses a custom skin slider & CC hair & outfits. But if you'd still like to download her & give her new skin & clothes, I'd be happy to upload her!

She's living in a new town, Simville, which I downloaded from CTNutmegger. It's a remake of TS1's Unleashed 'hood. I haven't really played it yet, but it looks cool. I thought I had taken a screenshot of it, but I didn't. I'll try to remember to upload one next time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Melanie's Back!

Swept the dust off my Sims 3 today! Played Twinbrook for a few (AKA several) hours.

Dilly Pidgin got a promotion (or so she says) & wanted a new wardrobe.

Dilly Before

Everyday outfits

One of the athletic outfits

One of 2 formal outfits

Another successful makeover

Melanie got a new drafting table. Despite the fact that she hates art, she's sketched 3 designs so far & reached level 4 painting skill.

Mel's little studio (located in the corner of her very small living room).

Gala Bailey needed new formalwear.

Mel chose green for her.

Well do you like it or not? I can't tell by that look on your face.

Oh that's what you were about to do. Then I guess she did like it.

Marc Brandt was another victim of 'womanly eyes' so he got new facial hair.

I had never seen Parker Prudence up close before. He is one weird-looking dude.

One morning Mel woke up not feeling too good.

Uh-oh! I guess that pity date with old man Wei Keane went a little further than you planned eh Mel?

Ta Da! the baby bump! I think prego sims are so cute :)

Baby bump pic #2

Before she knew it, it was baby time.

"Dang you, Wei Keane & your pitiful old man sob story!!!!"

Meet Selena Ferguson!
Traits: Brave, Perceptive
I hadn't planned to let Mel have a baby, but when old man Wei Keane came over for a visit, I couldn't help hitting that button!!

Also, Mel's reached level 8 in her career.
 Random Funny Pic #1