Saturday, February 26, 2011

Springdale Population on the Rise!

A few things:
*I updated the resident list. I added the Grant & Frazier families (both from my previous Meteor City game) to the town.
*Annalee Bjovi died :(
*Kasey & Josh Hamilton had a baby girl named Makenli :)
* Courtney & Hugo Hawke had a little boy named Raphael

A few random screenshots:

First, funny 'baby is coming' shots. The dads kill me with their panicking!!

Why do the moms always insist on driving themselves to the hospital?

baby Makenli :)

When I visited the Hawkes, I found this little guy:

 Raphael Merchant-Hawke. Apparently Hugo & Courtney were busy while I was away!

 The Grant household
At least I don't have to worry about walking in to new kids at this house ;)

The Frazier clan
I don't plan to play them too often. They have too many kiddos & 2 of them are toddlers.

After playing a bit more in this Simsville world, I've found a few things I don't like. 

1. There are 3 different business buildings. I figure it's probably for the look, but it's still a bit much.

2. There are 2 shops. One building has 3 merchants, and the other has 1. In the first building, there's a cafe, a book merchant, & a 'general goods' merchant. I didn't test the cafe, but I did test the other two.  The book merchant works, but the general goods merchant didn't have anything listed under the 'Buy Items' option. Weird. The merchant in the second building is a relics dealer, but he only has two items to sell. Two different crystal/stone things.  Again, these buildings might just be for the aesthetics. 

3. Almost all the houses are unfurnished, which means I have to decorate. This is fine when I'm in the mood to decorate, but it's annoying when I'm just in the mood for playing the game. 

4. This is a large world. Everything is soooo spread out. Almost all the business buildings are in the center of town except the military base, science building & stadium. All the houses are spread out all over the place though. There are a couple houses out in the middle of nowhere, which means it takes sims a long time to get to work, school, etc. 

5. There are houses that were designed to be apartments mingled in with the downtown buildings. Since I don't have Late Night, I can't make apartment buildings, so these are treated like regular houses. It's ok I guess, but it's kind of weird playing these houses because there's 3 floors and they're not designed to be like regular rooms in a house. Each floor is supposed to be a separate apartment. This makes the houses look weird. I could change wall placement & stuff, but it'd just be a lot of work. I also don't like playing big buildings like these. I prefer playing smaller/1-2 story houses; it doesn't take sims as long to get from point A to point B.

So it appears I'll be doing some tweaking of this town :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Added more Sims!

Added 1 new household:

Travis Kane by Kaleeko
Julian Von Kline by Kaleeko
Jack Trader by PiB
Amelia Kane (changed to Kennedy) by Kaleeko
Violet Votticelli by me

A couple pics:
 Kai aged to elder

 Kasey's baby bump!

I still have a few empty houses & some empty lots, so I might add more sims.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Lives in Springdale?

As promised, the list of Springdale residents

Hugo Hawke by Chrysame
Courtney Merchant-Hawke by EA
Bradley Merchant-Hawke, born in-game
Sharon Merchant-Hawke, born in-game

Leonard Henson by me
Keri (Keuhne) Henson by Dee
Randall Henson, born in-game
Nathanael Henson, born in-game

Annalee Bjovi by me
Alanna Bjovi, born in-game
Amelie Bjovi, born in-game

Nick Mason by me
Kai Mason by me
Maya Mason, born in-game

Josh Hamilton by Dee
Kasey (Hunter) Hamilton by me (Kai clone #3?)

Alaina (Bjovi) Rickman, born in-game
Kristofer Rickman, born in-game
Garland Rickman, born in-game

Melanie Ferguson by me
Selena Ferguson, born in-game

Sarah Henry by me
Alex Henry by me
Kimber Henry by me
Tonya Henry, born in-game

Mixed Family Households:
Nakia Reeves by me
Jackson Reeves, born in-game
Jordan Reeves, born in-game
Wilson Whirter by Dee
Andria Phelps-Whirter, born in game

Macy Monroe by Chrysame
Mindi Montreal by PiB
(will probably split them next time)


Elphaba Thropp by me
Nadya Reeves, born in-game

I think I got everybody. I'll probably be adding more later.
And now, a few random screenshots:

 Hugo's undies

 Courtney & Sharon: hmmmm...
I don't know what they were talking about, but it must have been intriguing.


 Courtney & her guitar

 More re-decorating: The Hawke's master bedroom

 Kids' room

 Living Room



 The Hensons!

 Randall as a young adult

 Josh AKA Mr. Fixit

I heard chimes!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change of Plans!

Soooo I loaded up a new Sunset Valley game & was looking around to see where to move/place rabbit holes & houses andddddd I don't think I wanna do that right now. Too much work and not enough patience I guess! I might return to this idea/project some day, maybe slowly add and change things when I'm in the mood. But I definitely don't want to make this my main focus right now. I just wanna play!

I'm playing a new town, Simsville by CTNutmegger. I named it Springdale :) (I didn't take any pictures of the town in my game, but you can visit her site; she has dozens of photos). I think I've mentioned it before. It's a recreation of the Sims 1 Unleashed hood. So far, I'm loving it! I downloaded it ages ago, but never played it. Don't know why. I love the layout & it takes me back to when I first started simming! I never played Unleashed, but I got it for my sister. I was playing Sims 2 by the time I got access to Sims 1 expansion packs :)

I forgot to write down all the families I added, but I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow. I do have a few screenshots to share though:

 The Hamiltons were the first family I played. This is their house, called Appletown Farm or something like that. They have a little apple orchard in their front yard :)

 Kasey thought it would be fun to scare Josh. I agree!

 Their kitchen
I'm so proud of it. I love the colors!


 Living Room
(This was taken before I changed the flooring)


 Both Kasey & Josh joined the culinary career. Josh wants to reach the top of the culinary career & Kasey wants to be a culinary librarian.

(living room with blue carpet)

The Masons were the next family I played. I got to their house & there was NO furniture in it. None. Sooo I had to give 'em something. I'm not quite finished with it. (All my creative interior decorating went into the Hamilton's house!) They have a couple of empty rooms & two patios that still need decorating.

 Having some waffles

Maya & her new friend, Kimber Henry.

A few townies have already moved in. I don't know if I'll be keeping them or not. I might just use my own sims & download a few :) I have more families sitting in my sim bin that I'd like to add, including some families from Meteor City.

I might be visiting some sim pages to find new sims for my town!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Only High Cooking Skill Can Prevent Grill Fires

So I went to visit the Simmons...and this happened:

 Rick trained Kimber until she was sore & stinky.

Kaylynn thought she could grill hot dogs & started a fire. (Note the invention gnome admiring her handiwork)

 Kadence came to watch.

Everyone panicked.

Kadence attempted to put out the fire.

 Rick caught on fire.

 Kaylynn finally called the firefighters, while Kadence tried to extinguish Rick.

The charred remains. 
(Insurance paid them 129 simoleons for their burned grill.)

Apparently, sims are more fire-retardent in Sims 3. 
I fully expected Rick to die in that fire, but as you can see he survived.

Even before all that excitement at the Simmons house, I had decided to delete my old games. Melanie's game is already deleted & I'll probably delete the Simmons too. Don't worry, I've saved the families :) I'll be putting them on my downloads page, so if you want to continue their stories, I'd love to hear what you do with them!!

I want to start a new game. No details yet, but I've got a few ideas rolling around in my head. I'd like to do custom rabbit holes & houses for a customized Sunset Valley. I don't know yet. More details to follow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Umm why did I want to do a legacy?

So after playing my legacy a couple weeks, I now realize why I gave up last time. Gameplay is soooo slow when you first start off. I JUST found Aubrey a husband yesterday. She's already halfway to adult, so I gotta get to making gen 2 ASAP. I didn't realize how slim the pickings were until I tried to find a good-looking townie or npc for my founder. After giving up on good-looking, I settled for decent-looking. I finally settled on Parker Langerak. We'll see how the kids turn out...

I'm not really taking that many pictures; rather I'm mostly focusing on gameplay.