Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some of the Simmons Visited China

Star, Rick, & Kadence recently returned from China:

Kadence was finally able to learn the martial arts skill

Kaylynn is advancing well as a freelance painter

Star relaxing in the living room after the long trip

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet the Fraziers!

Sign: Virgo
Favorites: French, Autumn Salad, Sea Foam
Traits: Brave, Handy, Clumsy, Photographer's Eye, Lucky
Career/Profession: Military (retired)

Sign: Aries
Favorites: French, Cheese steak, Pink
Traits: Insane, Family-oriented, Coward, Charismatic, Artistic
Career/Profession: Political (retired)

Sign: Taurus
Favorites: Chinese, Spaghetti, Spice Brown
Traits: Absent-minded, Brave, Artistic, Snob, Angler
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Libra
Favorites: French, Sushi, Grey
Traits: Insane, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Hates the Outdoors
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Leo
Favorites: Classical, Frogs Legs, Purple
Traits: Excitable, Light Sleeper, Daredevil, Absent-minded
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Leo
Favorites: French, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lilac
Traits: Excitable, Heavy Sleeper, Loner, Couch Potato
Career/Profession: None

Meet The Davis Family!

Sign: Sagittarius
Favorites: French, Key Lime Pie, Purple
Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Great Kisser, Bookworm, Natural Cook, Computer Whiz
Career/Profession: Law Enforcement

Sign: Cancer
Favorites: French, Tri-Tip Steak, Blue
Traits: Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Athletic, Charismatic, Ambitious
Career/Profession: Professional Sports

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Bjovis

Sign: Aquarius
Favorites: Classical, Pancakes, Irish Green
Traits: Family-Oriented, Handy, Neat, Virtuoso, Easily Impressed
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Scorpio
Favorites: Pop, Autumn Salad, Turquoise
Traits: Absent-Minded, Great Kisser, Vegetarian, Genius, Computer Whiz
Career/Profession: Law Enforcement


Sign: Gemini
Favorites: Classical, Waffles, Orange
Traits: Family-Oriented, Bookworm, Frugal, Heavy Sleeper, Easily Impressed
Career/Profession: Medical

Sign: Gemini
Favorites: Kids, Spaghetti, Irish Green
Traits: Brave, Loner, Good, Natural Cook
Career/Profession: None


Sign: Scorpio
Favorites: Electronica, Mac & Cheese, Lilac
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Genius, Family-Oriented, Kleptomaniac
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Aries
Favorites: Electronica, Goopy Carbonara, Blue
Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Commitment Issues
Career/Profession: None

Sign: Gemini
Favorites: Kids, Key Lime Pie, Spiceberry
Traits: Slob, Insane, Easily Impressed, Lucky
Career/Profession: None

The Burbicks

Meet the Burbicks!

Sign: Capricorn
Favorites: Classical, Dim Sum, Sea Foam
Traits: Good, Natural Cook, Neat, Virtuoso, Schmoozer
Career/Profession: Music

Sign: Libra
Favorites: Classical, Spaghetti, Blu
Traits: Clumsy, Vegetarian, Virtuoso, Frugal, Angler
Career/Profession: Culinary

Sign: Capricorn
Favorites: Pop, Goopy Carbonary, Spice Brown
Traits: Neat, Natural Cook, Kleptomaniac, Artistic
Career/Profession: None

The Fergusons

Meet Melanie & her daughter, Selena!

Favorites: Soul, Crepes, Spiceberry
Traits: Can't Stand Art, Dramatic, Vegetarian, Eco-Friendly, Charismatic
Career/Profession: Stylist

Sign: Sagittarius
Favorites: Indie, Cookies, Blue
Traits: Brave, Adventurous, Perceptive, Ambitious
Career/Profession: None