Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can't Live Without My Sims 3!!!!

I've decided I MUST have my Sims 3 on my new computer at all costs. (I know. I'm fickle.) I don't want to risk damaging my computer, but after further research, I don't think it'll do any harm for the fans to run at turbo speed for a while. I'll be using my notebook on my desk so it'll get plenty of air :)

So, what I've decided to do is:
*pare down my custom content (I have way too much of it & only use about a third of what I have)
*try to find 'efficiency' worlds that are less graphics-intensive, which will be friendlier with my computer
*use smaller houses
*play smaller sim families (I already do this, with the exception of a few families)

I think this will help with the speed of the game & the system resources it uses. Hopefully this will be enough to let me play on low-medium settings without too many hiccups.

Now, off to test!

If you know of any smallish, 'efficiency' worlds, please let me know. I have one already, Greenwood Village, I've mentioned it before :)

(Also, I just realized I've had my blog for 2 years!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good/Bad News & Random screenshots from Dec 9

The good news is Sims 3 is working on my new machine. (Thanks PiB!) The bad news is it looks awful. Pretty much playable, but not very pretty. All the options defaulted to the lowest settings. That's what an integrated graphics chip will get 'cha I guess! I only went into the Simmons house, so I don't even know how my computer would handle sims going into town. I'm glad that the game works, but I'm worried about what running the game will do to my computer. I'm afraid it's going to burn out or something. Upon loading the game, the fans immediately kicked it up to high gear & were very loud. (This is the only time I've ever even heard the fans since owning it.) My laptop got really hot after only about 30-40 minutes of playing. (I usually play for hours at a time). At this point, I think it would be best to abandon the idea of playing Sims 3 on my new machine & just pull out my old laptop when I want to play.  I am thinking of getting the Sims Stories games to play on my new computer, as they were designed to be played on a laptop and will be less taxing on my system. Not that any of you want to know all this, but I decided to tell ya anyway ;)

Now, here are some shots from the last time I played (December 9)

 Kimber's ghost awakens!

 Star playing for tips in the park

 Kaylynn's painting

 Kaylynn on her first date with Erich Robinson, who turned out to be married :(

 Rick's ghost likes to workout

 Kaylynn visited Egypt

 more of Kaylynn's painting

 Still more painting

 Even more painting
She just might reach the top of this profession yet!

Did I mention Rick's ghost likes to workout? Here he is swimming laps in the pool. 
I think it's cool how the ghosts' bodies disappear underwater :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

"This is ridiculous" AKA "Sims Medieval on my BRAND NEW 13" MacBook Pro"

I think it's ridiculous that I paid $28 for a game that I can't even play. Oh correction, I can play, but my sims look like freakazoids. I want a refund! I'll be sure to be really careful about whose products I spend my money on in the future.

That is all. I just wanted everyone to see exactly what I was talking about in my earlier post.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New computer, but sadly no sims :(

I got a new computer for Christmas (& of course I couldn't actually wait until Christmas day to open it). Unfortunately, my new mac's OS isn't compatible with the Sims 3. The textures on the sims are all messed up. A patch has been mentioned over on the EA forums, so I guess I'll just have to be patient until the problem's fixed!

I thought I might be able to play sims 2 until sims 3 is fixed, but OS X Lion doesn't have Rosetta anymore, so that's out too.

super sad face :(

That is all....just needed to vent a little :)