Sunday, February 26, 2012

Same Game Two Days in a Row=Gasp!

So I was able to load my saved game today, so I guess there must be something wrong with that world I was using. I decided to just uninstall it; no need to have it in my downloads folder if I can't even rely on it.

 Isaiah learning to talk

 What is this stuff?

 "Nom Nom Nom!"

This was my first time seeing this. This guy started feeling bad & wished there was a doctor around. The option to give a medical exam came up when I clicked on him, so that's what Brice did. Interesting.

*Side note: I must say, playing without 3rd party custom content isn't as bad as I thought. Besides the toddlers' & children's' clothes, I hardly notice it. 


  1. :) I have the advantage.I've pretty much never used CC so I don't miss it.

    Glad you could play the same save twice in a row.

  2. Thanks PiB; I was so excited :) At this point, I think the updates may have interfered with that world I was using & that caused my games to become corrupted. Since switching my family to Sunset Valley, I haven't had anymore problems *knock on wood*

    This is the first time I've played without CC in a long time; I've been using it since Sims 1! But it definitely has its advantages: 1. I'm sure my game is running better without it. 2. I don't have all those files in my launcher 3. I don't have a mods folder full of .package files that I may or may not know the origins or names of, so it's been a good change. I can't promise I won't ever download CC again, but if I do it'll have to be something I feel I can't possibly live without (which is highly unlikely)